Be the Change


Weekly Food Basket

Purchasing our CSA

gives you 7 weekly food baskets

from Aug 24-Oct 5 for just $99. 

Each week you will receive 7-9 different vegetables and a farm craft. 


For questions and to

purchase your CSA membership...

What is a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture, commonly referred to as a CSA, is a system that connects the farmer and their consumers by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm. It is an alternative socioeconomic model of agriculture whose over-arching goal is to strengthen a sense of community.  By becoming a member, your pre-season purchase helps the farmer to purchase seeds and farming equipment and gives the member a season of fresh, local yummy-ness.

Join our weekly food basket program and be the change in our community. 

By joining, you

  • receive healthy urban farm fresh produce for yourself and your family

  • give meaningful farm work to middle school-age students and healthy food for their families.

 Our CSA is run by 


a youth farming program of the Be the Change Project. 

Students ages 12-15 plant, tend, harvest, and prepare food for the CSA and learn urban farming skills/crafts.  When you come to pick up your basket, you have the opportunity to meet a student who has grown your food!