Welcome to GatewayGarlic!

where growing garlic is the gateway vegetable

 to growing our own food, connection to our place, and great eating! 

I'm Katy Chandler, co-founder of the Reno Garlic Fest and urban garlic farmer.  I'm crazy about growing garlic!  I grow many varieties for the Reno Garlic Fest and our Reno Garlic Seed Bank.  I host garlic planting classes, manage the Reno Garlic Seed Bank, and teach young people how to grow garlic in our Mugworts school, at neighborhood schools, and local Boys and Girls Clubs.  I learned garlic and gardening from the best of our region:  Tom Stille of RiverSchool Farms, Earstin Witten "the Garlic King of Reno" and Arnold Cardone of Glorious Garlic Farm.

Garlic Fest

This year, my GatewayGarlic blog will follow my garlic growing process just as I am doing it here in Reno.  I hope it will help you grow your own garlic, and if you would like personal support growing garlic and/or just starting a garden, I also offer a mentoring program.

Full Year Garlic Garden Mentorship:

* two visits to your site in the fall and time of your choice

* garlic to get started

* tending class in April

* harvesting/braiding class in July

* $125 for the year

* register by emailing 


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