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Wormtopia is our newest soil building and climate change mitigation effort.  We take local food waste, feed it to our worms in two 30-feet bins, and collect the wonderful products - both castings and  juice. 

UPDATE: We sold Wormtopia to Full Circle Compost in early 2019.


Reno Rot Riders

The RRR collects food waste and turns it into compost.

We began the RRR in October of 2015 to demonstrate how we, as a city, can combat climate change by recycling food waste to make rich healthy soils. 

To learn more, go to the RRR website.

UPDATE: We sold the residential side to Down To Earth Compost in early 2018.  They've grown the business by 100%!

Reno Garlic Fest

The RGF is a celebration of local food, growers, and culture through garlic.

We started the fest in 2017 at Pat Baker Park in our neighborhood.  Over 2,000 people attended and much garlic was enjoyed!

UPDATE: We transitioned the fest to Reno Food Systems in 2018 who did an amazing job. Go to the RGF Facebook site for more info,


Natural Building Certification Courses with House Alive! Natural Builders.  

VersaTerra's 10-day Complete Course is the natural building equivalent to the Permaculture PDC. 

Learn more here.


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Rivers Without Plastics

Microplastic fiber testing in the Truckee River. 

With hydrologist Brian Fitzgerald we've started the first ever testing of the Truckee for the presence of microplastics.

We're looking to see what's there, where it's coming from, what is it affecting, and how to reduce the input of this pollution into our river.  

We tested three sites in the river in June with three more tests of the same site coming in October.  

Our next step is to analyze the samples.  We raised $2,500 (including a $1,000 matching gift) to fund these analyses.  

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