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 A Year in Gardening & Cooking, for Beginners


Be the Change Project is happy to be partnering with Reno Food Systems & GrowingNV in this delightful year long course. Taught by Katy Chandler, Melissa Gilbert & Jolene Cook via monthly videos, written tutorials, and inperson events, this course is designed to support beginner gardeners to succeed in the art of growing, harvesting, and preparing food in the Great Basin. Enrollment also includes quarterly in-person gatherings with free seed giveaways as well as access to our 'Ask Us Anything' gardening chatline.

If interested in joining the course, all you have to do is register for free on our community's free local food networking platform, GrowingNV. There's also an easy to use app, but you can also do the course from your web browser. We're excited about the Mighty Networks platform as a wonderful alternative to Facebook AND a place to create a library of gardening knowledge for future generations.

There are 2 options for payment-- $20 per month or $200 for the year (course runs monthly from now until February 2023). There are scholarships for anyone who wants to participate but can't afford it. 

We look forward to supporting you to experience the joy of successfully tending a garden and eating food grown by your own two hands. Please follow us on social and share with your friends who are beginning gardeners to help us get the word out!

For more information about the course and to join, CLICK HERE!

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